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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rockford, IL Family Photographer / big brother.

When my big brother asked me to capture his family, I accepted with great delight. I've only been hounding him for months to let me. Perhaps he was worried I'd have him parading around downtown in sparkly unmentionables...

On a serious note, I love my big brother. He's always been there for me and looked out for me even when I thought I didn't need him to. He threatened my boyfriends when they deserved it most and has always been a sounding wall for life's greatest dilemmas. His wife is also full of awesome and my brother truly is a lucky man. Together they made a kidlet that is an exact clone of Joe. Yeah, remember that whole "I hope you have kids just like you someday" curse? Totally true. Jacob's personality is just amazing and you can't help but crack up at that boy.

Here is your sneak peek, guys. I hope you enjoy!

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