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Friday, August 21, 2009

my viv.

Vivian in a swaddling blanket made by a good friend of mine. I call this "The Iron Swaddle". She is no match for it.

[If you'd like one of these fabulous blankets of your own, hit me up and I'll forward you along to my dear friend. Seriously, these are the best!]

good lawd, how i love this little girl.


Leigh Ann Hines Photography said...

so adorable!

Anna said...

Just a big fat YUM! So adorable!!! Lovelovelove them.

Onna said...
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Onna said...

Oh sweet love! She's the most scrumptious thing ever! BABY FEVER HIGH!!!

April said...

Viv is the perfect model for that awesome swaddling blanket! Too adorable!