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Thursday, September 3, 2009

beautiful girls.

Had to test out the new toy this afternoon, so that means tons of pictures of my own kidlets. Good lawd, I love my girls.


Anna said...

Holy cute!!! Which baby (er, lens) took this? Love it!

Kim Youra Photography said...

They are adorable! Definitely lost the newborn look already, too! What new lens did you get? And... the 3rd one you posted reminds me of one that Kate posted of Genna a long time ago. Know what one I'm talking about, or no?

ekedesignstudio. said...

anna - it was the 17-55 2.8 that i rented for saturday. that's next on my list to buy. and by next i mean scott is getting me that for xmas or else. *shuffle*

kim - i know EXACTLY what shot you're talking about. the ramones t-shirt one? love it.