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Sunday, October 25, 2009

happy { weekend before } halloween.

Since the weather in IL tends to be pretty unpredictable around Halloween, I took full advantage of the gorgeous weather this afternoon and snapped some photos of the kids in their Trick-or-Treating gear.  Stephen rocking the Batman suit, Samantha roaring her way to cutest toddler evah and Viv barely tolerating the lobstah costume that her sister wore for her first Halloween as well.

Note: I'm thinking of doing outdoor Halloween snapshots this year if there is enough interest.  A handful of shots, burned to disk for you to print where you wish for $20.  If interested, email me and I'll decide by Thursday if there was enough interest to make this work.  This would be at one location, an hour or two before ToT'ing, and would last no more that 10-15 minutes per family. 

and yep, Samantha made her sad face when I told her it was time to get out of the grass and go inside.  Scott and her future husband are in serious trouble.  Who could ever say no to that super pout lip?


Laurie/CJ said...

So CUTE!!! And don't worry, J has a great pouty face too, they can sit there and pout at eachother.

Judy said...