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Thursday, February 18, 2010

{ personal post } awake.

There is something so amazing about our schedule now that my hubster is on days. Scott gets to see the girls when they are awake and well, that's pretty awesome. Just ask them.

And I have to share what Samantha likes to do in my office when I'm working. She's supposed to be downstairs playing with daddy while I finish up some layouts in peace. Well, Samantha happens to think that idea is crap. So she sneaks back upstairs alot. On her way to my little nook, she usually tip toes into Stephen's room to markerjack his art case and looks for things that are not paper in here to color on. Today, she skipped the markers and chose stickers as her medium. Who knows where the rest of the stickers from the sheet are hidden...


Onna said...

What wonderful pics!!

Lovely lovely family!

Anna said...

I luuuurve these. Oh so special. Eeep! And Scott looks great with a goatee! I'm jealous. ;) I love me some goatee'd men.

kate bentley. said...

awww, thanks onna!

and anna, that's about all he can grow. it never fills in and he shaves it off after three days because he just looks like a 15 year old attempting to hold on to any facial hair he can grow. harhar!