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Saturday, May 23, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly a babe looses their newborn look. Miss V is already a week old (almost two!) despite my best efforts to dig my heals in and stop the world from spinning. As it stands, this will be our last tiny babe (unless my husband has some magic mind changing tea a few years down the road) and I'm trying to soak in all of those little things I love so much. Like the croaks. The stretches. The yawns. The lizard tongue that all of my children seem to posses. The itty bitty cloth diapers and the therapeutic folding that goes with them. I'm also amazed at just how much Vivian resembles Samantha and the fact that I'll actually have to start labeling the backs of pictures to keep them straight. Samantha has amazed me most of all with her love and concern for her baby sister. I had no idea a house full of this much love was even possible. *swoon*

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Laurie/CJ said...

Sweet, adorable, perfection in human form. Well done, Katey and Scott. Well done.