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Sunday, October 11, 2009

sammo is two. just ask her attitude.

Well, in a few hours, it will officially be Samantha's birthday.  I love her to bits and I can't help but to get more than a little emotional over her turning another year older.  I know we all say that we love our kids equally, but I tend to think I love my kids differently.  I don't love anyone any less, but my love is definitely different for each of them, ya dig? 

For Samantha, it's the kind of love when you look down at your moody toddler that's telling you what for and suddenly see yourself.  It's the kind of love your parents warned you about when you were acting up and they secretly wished to whomever grants those wishes that you would have a child just like you some day.  She has a way of pushing me to my limit and then reeling me right back by saying something off the cuff and from her heart.  She's my loving child.  My caretaker.  The way she reaches out to her brother and her baby sister.  The way she is quick to say "bless you, bebe" when someone sneezes.  The way she always grabs a book and climbs the nearest lap demanding to be read to.  My darling daughter, happy second birthday.


April said...

oh wow...2 years already??
I love that third picture of her profile. She's gotten so big!

Anna said...

This is NOT RIGHT. Sam looks so much older all of a sudden. I don't understand how that happened? Ohhh, Katey...I can completely understand the heart tug. But she is turning into such a beautiful girl!!!

Laurie/CJ said...

Look at my future DIL! Sniff... getting so big, it's unreal. Gorgeous shots, m'dear, hope the day wasn't too painful for you. *hugs*