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Sunday, January 10, 2010

{ personal post } move[d]

So, we're in Eau Claire and beginning to get settled. Anything still in boxes has been hidden away in the basement so I can ignore it until further notice or we move again. har.

With all of this going on, my poor camera was abandoned in its bag since the holiday. I'd neglected the one thing that has always pulled me through dark or unsure times.

So today my darling husband set me free and told me to go forth and capture. And I did. I can't wait to start picking up some clients up here as I'm salivating at the thought of some of these places in the spring! *swoon*

I started off at home. My little Samantha is quite the artist lately and I'm thinking one of these will wind up as a gallery wrapped canvas in her room:

My Lola enjoying some couch time.

And my adventure:

And it's no fun out wandering about without trying to capture myself in a window somewhere...

And all of this gave me some ideas for a new project for this year, but I need to do some real thinking before I commit to it.

All in all, it was nice to have my little companion in my hands again while wandering around our new digs.


Laurie/CJ said...

Gorgeous. WOW. I wish we lived close by so I could freeze my patootie off with you, doing this!

Onna said...

Do I ever love your photos! :) These are great. Glad you are getting all snugglie in your new home!

Seriously these are amazing. Great work!