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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{ personal post } more adventures of sammo.

What if a two year old was given the option to pick out her own outfit and dictate her hairstyle for the day? Well, I'm pretty sure it would look something quite like the following...

It all starts out innocent enough. Samantha is obsessed with all things "spoooooky" lately and decided she wanted to wear her Bubby's old Halloween shirt today. Fair enough. We had no plans other than working on some projects around the house so the chances of raising eyebrows by letting your daughter wear a trick or treat shirt in February were slim.

She then asked me to put some clippies in to keep the hair out of her eyes that I'm still refusing to cut or trim. Ah well, I'm sure she'll cut her own hair soon enough as this seems to be about the age that those tragedies occur, no matter how hard one stashes every single pair of scissors they own in the deepest, darkest corners of their junk drawer.

aaaaaaaaaand things went downhill from there. Two clippies led to the entire sheet of clippies and me stopping my design work to load a card in the camera while laughing hysterically.

Scott came home from work to find the girls and I crammed into my office and cracking up over both the massive amount of clippies and Samantha referring to her new hairstyle as "DEEEEEELISHIOUS!"



Sara said...

So cuuuutttteeee! I just love those days when you can just have fun being a mom!!! Sterling once wore a Power Rangers costume for a week. in the Spring time EVERYWHERE!! You should have seen the looks at the grocery store LOL!! I didn't care as to who really was it going to harm? He still today would wear it if it fit him. I will have to dig out the last picture of his finally attempt to be "little". They grow so fast :)

kate bentley. said...

LOL, Sara!!! Stephen was like that with his Mr. Incredible costume two years ago. And I'm a huge fan of taking pictures of those kinds of things too because they will be so sweet to remember (well, and hilarious too!!!)...